By its very nature, a vanity homepage is spectacularly uninteresting to most of its potential readership.

With millions of pages tenuously linked in a dynamic, ever changing environment, everyone online has the power to publish, but few have the power to inspire. The Hawkida site is my little corner of the web where I can do whatever I please and be ignored by the majority of internet users who neither know, nor care that it exists. In a sea of irrelevance you found a reason to visit. Perhaps you'll find something that is in some way meaningful to you.

At the very least, it's something for me to point all the social media at.


A blog seeking focus:


Stuff I like

I am interested in people, brain science, biology, science fiction, gadgets, computers, games and all kinds of other things. I don't believe in gods (tried for a while), I like sugar a bit too much, and I'm starting to accept that perhaps I'm not young any more but I still plan to act as though I am.

I know a fair bit about website building and testing websites.

Max Lehmann